Bajram Begaj

World Leader

Bajram Begaj
Name Bajram Begaj
Born 20 March 1967 (age 57)
Zodiac sign Pisces

Bajram Begaj (born 20 March 1967) is an Albanian politician and retired military officer. He is the current president of Albania.

Early Life

Bajram Begaj was born in Rrogozhinë. He obtained a degree from Tirana's Faculty of Medicine in 1989 and became an active medical officer in 1998.


In July 2020, Bajram Begaj was appointed Chief of the General Staff of the Albanian Armed Forces and assumed office later that month.

On 4 June 2022, Bajram Begaj was elected by the parliament of Albania for the role of president and was sworn in on 24 July 2022.

Personal Life

Begaj is married to Armanda Begaj. They have two sons, Dorian and Klajdi.

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Bajram Begaj's real name is Bajram Begaj.

Bajram Begaj's birthday is on March 20.

Bajram Begaj is 57 years now.